PS5 Dual Sense Controller Will Be Compatible With Windows and… Android!

The Sony PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller will also be compatible with Windows PCs and Android smartphones. YouTuber Austin Evans would be the first to point this out after getting his hands on the controller.

The DualSense controller can be connected to Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go and the new Google Pixel 5 smartphone. It can also be used to play Xbox games like Forza on Android devices with Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming service.

While the DualSense controller connects to Surface Go via USB, it can only be connected to Pixel 5 as a Bluetooth gamepad.

However, the xCloud game seems to work flawlessly on a Google smartphone, suggesting that it should be equally compatible with almost all Android devices.

The DualSense PS5 controller, on the other hand, is not compatible with the PS4, so you can’t just swap out your PS4 controller for Erek erek 2D.

It is also incompatible with the Xbox X series | S, but that’s ok. However, it can be used for Xbox games is a remarkable discovery, albeit an indirect one.

Additionally, the YouTuber notes that the button layout on the new controller is identical to the button layout on previous DualShock 4 controllers.

There’s a D-pad on the left, four buttons on the right, two analogue sticks on the bottom, four forward triggers, a touchpad in the centre with a PS button on the bottom, a MUTE button, and two “create” and “options.” buttons.

Evans noted that the buttons have better damping so that each press is more intense. Evans also pointed out an interesting design detail of the controller. Bumps have been added towards the back to provide a good grip during play.

These bulges appear to be a collection of small symbols representing the PlayStation buttons: a circle, a cross, a square, and a triangle.

New opportunities

Sony officially unveiled the DualSense wireless controller earlier this year, long before the official launch of the PS5. The controller will be equipped with a 1560mAh battery, more than 50% larger than the PS4 DualShock controller’s 1000mAh battery. While the controller is not yet available for purchase, Sony has announced that it will retail for €69.99.

In addition, the light bar is moved to the touchpad area, the controller now uses haptic feedback instead of a small electric motor, and the triggers are AC voltage. You’ll notice that the “Share” button has been removed, but it still exists in the form of a new “Create” button that offers “new ways for players to create sharing.”

Other exciting additions are USB-C charging (long overdue) and a range of built-in microphones, a first for Sony controllers, allowing gamers to chat with friends without headphones.