The Best Humidifier for Plants Buying Guide 2022

Humidifying indoor plants is as important as increasing your room moisture level to prevent dry skin, nose congestion, and the rest of the problems caused by low humidity. Indoor plants need a balance of humidity levels and growled light to stay healthy. 

Do you want your plant leaves to remain greener at all times, especially in the winter months? You will need to place a humidifier close to them for the constant release of moisture. The best type of humidifier for plants is a design that has an automatic humidistat for auto humidity regulation. 

Hence, you won’t need to monitor the plant’s humidifier often. However, many options are available on the market when it comes to the best humidifier for plants. Many brands are out there to draw your attention, but few tested appliances show optimal performance. Therefore, for those who want a DIY to make a humidifier for plants, our buying advice is to buy if you cannot use the do-it-yourself method. 

Here is a list of the top 5 best plants humidifier in 2020

  • Honeywell HCM350W Plants Humidifier   
  • Evergreen for plants Humidifier
  • TaoTronics 4L Cool Mist Ultrasonic
  • HemingWeigh Ultrasonic Cool Mist

Top 5 Best Humidifiers for Plants Reviews

  1. Honeywell HCM350W

This unit will supply moisture for plants for a longer duration, up to 24 hours of operation. The running times relieve you from frequent refilling and ensure plants benefit.

The Honeywell HCM features a kill germ technology helping to destroy germs that may be present in the water before releasing the final output. Therefore, you’ll be protected from contaminated air each time you enter your grow room or greenhouse.

It comes with a wicking filter that allows moisture to be saturated faster into the atmosphere compared to ultrasonic models. The filter is easy to wash and should get dried out before returning to the device.


  • Quiet operation
  • The sturdy design balances nicely on any flat surface


  • It lacks a humidistat
  • For medium-sized plants rooms
  1. Evergreen for Plants Humidifier

The dimension and weight of the Evergreen make it easy for lifting within plants that need a humidifier per time. The tiny size also means it’ll only take small area placement.  

It has an adjustable fogger that ensures moisture releasing in the direction of choice. Since the aim is to ensure indoor plants are well humidified, you can direct the fog close to the plant for efficiency. 

The unit tank is large and can accommodate up to 2 liters of water, and runs up to 24hrs in one refill. The tank is equipped with run-dry protection to turn off the unit once the water gets dries.  

Apart from plant use, the Evergreen can be used for reptation, aquarium, vivarium, etc., but you’ll need to use distilled water for this need.  


  • Small size 
  • You can direct mist where needed 
  • Auto shut off on low tank level 


  • Lacks auto humidity control 
  1. Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic

Pure enrichment is an award-winning humidifier for different environment utilization. It has received up to 30000 user reviews and has got 69% star ratings. The humidifying features have made it possible to enter into our best humidifier for plants consideration. 

As an ultrasonic model, it does not use a filter in its operation. Hence you won’t worry about filter replacement costs. Also, make cleaning a minor task compared to filter system models. 

The low water sensor technology shut-off once there is no liquid to disperse for plants, protecting your device from damage. 

Further, feature two-speed control such as high or low to customize the rate of moisture supply in high settings for the last 16 hours. This means that low-speed will last more, thereby reducing refilling. 


  • Reduce noise operation 
  • 5-year warranty backup 
  • No filter cost to incur 


  • Not ideal for large space 
  • Has 1.5-liter tank 

Note: Before moving to the following product review, humidifier placement for plants is very important. Ensure that it is not too close or far from your plant. If it is too distant, the plants may not receive an adequate humidity level, while too close means excessive moisture affecting its survival.  

  1. TaoTronics 4L Cool Mist

Your plant will be a favor from the operation of this unit that will deliver just the right amount of moisture required, thanks to the built-in humidistat. 

Remember, we mention a humidistat in the earlier section of this post as one of the basics for the best humidifier for plant grow room. This is because a humidistat senses the amount of air moisture, informing you when to turn it on or shut down for the best relative humidity for plant growth. 

Taotronic is not for use in a country whose voltage is more than 110v, as such a perfect choice for United States residents. In addition to the specs, it comes with a 1 gallon capacity for up to 30hrs running and a quiet model. 

It has a cartridge that filters water, eliminating micro-organisms and odors so that your air is not polluted. 

While this product proves efficient for humidifying plants in the house but does not support the use of essential oil. 


  • Super quiet 
  • The idea for spaces reaching 322 square feet
  • Humidistat gauge lets you set desired humidity levels


  • Replacing of the micro-porous filter every 4 – 6 months
  1. HemingWeigh Ultrasonic Cool Mist

A close comparison of the various best humidifier plants has unique features, likewise this Hemingweigh cool mist. It is the only one with the highest coverage ability of 500 sq. ft. 

You’ll like this unit for long hours to use humidifying to keep your plants moist and happy. It is installed with a 4.5L tank and lasts for 32 hours. Its 3-mist control settings allow you to tailor the speed at which your moisture is released to your indoor green plants. 

The top-fill water tank design is another crucial reason to choose Hmingweigh because of no stress refilling or tough cleaning. It also comes with a user-friendly remote, differentiating it from the rest of the products outlined in this best humidifier plant discussion. 


  • It has a 360-degree rotating nozzle 
  • Operates at 32-decibel sounds 
  • Aromatherapy ready box for essential oil 


  • At high speed, you may start seeing visible fogs.

Want the Best Plants Humidifier for Indoor, Grow Room, or Greenhouse: Decision Guide

Choices are always available to buy the best humidifier for plants. For informed decisions, the few most important things to remember when choosing is. 

  • Your plant room size

Grow rooms are of different sizes. Yours may be bigger or less than someone else. The supposed humidifier you want to buy should possess the capacity to serve your plant’s room efficiently. 

Therefore, you need to check the coverage capacity of the unit. Follow this:

The best model to buy for large-sized planting rooms above 500 square feet is the large-sized humidifier. 

Where the square footage is between 350 to 450 sizes, a medium-size humidifier is best, while below 300 square feet of grow room, a small humidifier is what we recommend. 

Too low humidity levels or excessive moisture do not encourage the thriving of plants. Between 40 and 60% humidity levels, plants can do well.

  • The type of humidifier 

Using a humidifier for plants should be flexible when it comes to transporting. Different types and sizes are available, and each one with distinctive features. 

Evaporative mist is more promising for plants because of the invisible moisture they release, unlike most ultrasonic models that disperse mist droplets that may settle on the plant leaves. When mist settles on the plants and doesn’t get dry out, it will affect the plant. 

Also, consider a portable model that can allow you to move around your plant. As you humidify, please do not place the humidifier close to the place because of the heat that they do emit. When it is too close, the heat coming out will gradually be drying the plant instead of keeping it moisture ad healthy. 

  • Tank size

The bigger the tank size, the more running time and lesser refilling. On the other hand, the operation time is shortened when it is too small, likewise refilling. 

The bottom line, look for products with a larger water intake tank to avoid the inconveniences of frequent tank fill. 

  • Noise level

This is applicable if you want to release humidity to the decorative plants in your room. 

You don’t want to sacrifice your sleeping even though your plants are uttermost. 

Most of the best humidifiers for plants have fans that enable them to circulate mist, but they can also be noisy. 

To avoid your sleep being interrupted, you’ve to dig deep and read reviews on the loudness of the device before you decide. This TaoTronics Humidifier, 4L Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, runs quietly. Check it out. 


What humidifier is best for the plant does not matter as long as you don’t know how to use your device correctly. It is possible to have the best one, but inappropriate use will undermine its performance on your crops, veggies, flowers, or plant growth. 

One thing to understand, most plants require 40 or 60% moisture levels to retain their beautiful look. The correct humidity gauge is fundamental for raising healthier indoor planting. 

The next is positioning, or placement, not too close or far away, ensuring a good saturation of mist on plants while reducing heat supply. If you’re lucky to get an automatic humidifier for the plant, then moisture level can be maintained, as the unit will regulate itself. 

Take home: do not contaminate your home with bacteria or white dust spraying on beautiful flowers. Therefore, clean the appliance following the user manual guide. 

Below are other top-rated products you can as well check for their performance:

  • Elechomes SH8830
  • vanilla Cool Mist
  • HUMIDIMASTER 6L Ultrasonic
  • TaoTronics Humidifiers
  • Portable Mini Humidifier

We hope this best humidifier for plant discussion ad reviews has given you an insight into knowing what is ideal for your need. If so, pick your choice to keep providing moisture for plant growth.