8 Best Above Ground Pool Pump In 2019 – 2022 (Unprecedented Revies & Recommendation)

You will not believe this. I never knew the importance of a pool pump until that very day. But now we own one of the best above ground pool pumps. And I am very proud of that till this day. But what happened before then? Of course, I know you are dying to know. And you are in luck because I am ready to tell.

It was our first time owning a swimming pool. Consequently, we knew nothing about it. As a result, we never knew that the pool pump was sub-standard. So, I was thinking that we owned an Olympic standard swimming pool. I even often boast about it. But in just a little over 3months, the pool pump was completely damaged. And when we tried to get it fixed, we were told that only replacement is required. I exclaimed two rhetorical questions. What? Just like that? And that was my Olympic standard pool pump gone for good. Anyway, to me, that’s no big deal. That was my thought. After all, the pool is there and the water is there. So we can do it without the pump. That was what I told myself.

Then, after 3-weeks, after that, we returned from a visit to the countryside. Guess what we saw? Our pool has turned green. Wow! I have heard of the red sea but never heard of the green one. But now we‘ve got it in our home. At first, I thought that the people around me did something to the pool. But I later learned that it was because there was no pool pump to perform certain functions. Such functions as water circulation, cleaning, and filtration. Eventually, we had to go get a good pool pump and now the difference is clear.

A pool pump is the heart-beat of the pool’s circulation system. It pulls water from the swimming-pool and pushes through the filter and back to the pool through the main returns. Thus, it helps to keep away dirt, leaves and green pool. Avoiding water stagnation will also guarantee cleanliness and a pool free from infectious diseases. The pool’s cleaning system needs the pump for effective operations. Similarly, water filtration is impossible without the pool pump. So, whatever you do, remember that bathing load creates debris in the pool. Hence water should be filtered to remove excess debris. The entire functionality of the pool is dictated by the operation of the pool pump. As a result, we wish to review the best 8 above ground pool pumps. This is so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Therefore, if and when you’re ready, join the train as we examine the 8 best above ground pools consumer reports for this year. This incisive review is however in no particular order.

Best Above Ground Pool Pump Comparison Table

Reviews Of 8 Best Above Ground Pool Pump

1. Harris H1572730 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump

This pump outperform most big name brands, yet much cheaper than all of them.

  • Corrosion-proof construction.
  • Constructed for longer life and durability.
  • Engineered for efficiency and minimal noise. 
  • Easy to clean filter basket.
  • See-through twist and lock-lid for quick viewing of the strainer.

This pump is a top performer. It is even better than bigger brands even at a much lower price. It is built for performance, longer life, and high durability. That is ensured by the stainless motor shaft constructed with a reinforced thermoplastic body. More so, it is constructed for high efficiency and minimal noise. This is also the result of the intentional advanced engineering of the pump. You know what? Possibly not, so, I will just tell you don’t just bother yourself. The maker of this product understands the importance of making life easier. Hence, they ensured that the strainer includes a large easy-to-clean filter basket.

Also, they ensured that the see-through twist and lock lid allows for quick viewing of the strainer. More so, there is something else you need to know. This product meets or even exceeds all ETL & CSA requirements. Isn’t that awesome? I hope now that you can see why this pump is among 8 Best above Ground Pool Pump this year.

Furthermore, there are other things that make this pump thick. It is 115 in volts. Its connection size in both suction and discharge ports is 1.5inch. Its internal threading is 1.5 inch. Also while the external is 2.5 inch. This pump also boasts of the convenient drain plug. It also comes with a standard three-prong plug on a 3-foot cord. More so, here are the dimensions in inches. Length 21, Height 11 and width 9. 6.5 inches from floor to suction port. And lastly, floor to discharge hose is 7.75 inches.

Few of what users say;

For one user, it is an excellent replacement for an index pump. Another says, “It is unbelievably quiet and worked great at circulating our 24inch round above ground pool”.

This user says, “The pump/filter that came with my pool cannot power my lady pump pool vacuum. But after installing this pump, it’s up and running”. Etc.

This product has no shortage of great ratings. Especially for both price and performance reasons. I hereby recommend it for you as one of the best pool pump at this time. Feel free to see more reviews on amazon.


  • Very easy to setup
  • It is cheaper and performs better than many big names.
  • Made to be Corrosion-proof
  • Constructed for long life and durability
  • It is engineered for efficiency and minimal noise
  • Has easy to clean filter basket
  • It also has a See-through twist and lock-lid for quick viewing of the strainer.


  • This pump may not work for an in ground pool.
  • May not power robot cleaner better than some others.


2. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump For Above Ground Pools 16-inch

There is great news here. If you are very interested in soft, clean and refreshing pool water, then this pump is for you.

  • Has-all natural sand, for premium water filtration. 
  • Built-in 24-hour timer
  • Pump flow rate of 3,000gph (11.3m3/hour)
  • 6-way Valve
  • Pressure Gauge

You know what? Sand filter pump has been widely acclaimed to be a one-stop pump to keep pool water clean. This is however not surprising. It is well known to effectively pick up a lot more of small dirt particles and algae. As a result, you would have a pool with a lot more clean and safe. Hence, no more unwanted particles floating around in your pool water. There is even more. Some pool pumps require a sand replacement every two weeks. But this one only requires sand replacement once every five years. Wow! Isn’t that mind-blowing? What a time saving and replacement cost-friendly pool pump! This is easy to maintain and an obvious alternative for keeping your pool sanitized.

But what more, makes this pool pump great? Its 6-function Control Valve. As a result, you can filter, backwash and rinse. And to also recirculate, drain, and close the system.

Its 24-hour automatic timer helps for easy and simpler pool maintenances. This is because it enables the setting of both operating and safety shoot-off time. It has a flow-rate of 3,000 gallons/hour. This sand filter also has a circulating system flow rate of 2,450 gallons/hour. And all these make this pump perfect for any size index above ground pool. Hence, this sand filter is among the best above ground pool pump this year.

One user says it is a great pump but tricky to setup. Another says. It’s an Amazing system and he is willing to rate it 10 stars. Then, one user exclaimed that it is an outstanding pump. “Powerful, quite no filter to change,” said another user. This user also says that it works well and worth the money.


  • Perfect for any sized index above ground pool
  • Built for efficiency and durability (long life)
  • Sand replacement is only once every five years
  • Built for easy pool maintenance
  • Low maintained cost


  • Setup may not be easy
  • You may need to install skimmer to be able to use a vacuum attachment for taking debris out of the bottom of the pool.


3. Intex 28633EG Cartridge Filter Pump for Pools 2500 GPH Flow Rate

Astonishingly very easy maintenance for this pump.

  • Easy to use
  • Double installed pump
  • Air release valve 
  • Sediment flush valve at bottom of the filter chamber.
  • Keep your pool water crystal clear and refreshing.

It seems you really want to keep your above ground pool water very clean. I see! Okay then, here is the great news for you and your above ground pool. With this pump, you can keep everything clean, refreshing and fun.

And I tell you, maintenance for this pump is a breeze. So, you can enjoy refreshing pool water at the greatest ease of maintenance. Therefore to keep the pump functioning strong, rinse cartridge occasionally or just swap. Also, the cartridge type B filter should be changed every 2-week.

There is something else you also need to know. This filter pump is the most powerful pump made by Intex. And it has been considered as a must-have filter pump for everyone. Especially for any above the ground pool up to 24 feet in diameter. It also comes with a built-in timer that enables the setting of operating times. This provides the ultimate convenience.

What makes this pump thick?

This filter cartridge boasts a pump flow rate of 2,500 gallons/hour. Its system flow rate is 1,900 gallons/hour. Consequently, this pump guarantees premium circulation and filtration of pool water. And so, deserves a position on the list of 8 best Above Ground Pool Pump this year.

What users say?

Over 70% 5-star ratings from over 2,000 users, is a clear excellent average rating. No wonder a user simply exclaimed, “I should have purchased this pump a year ago”. Another user said it’s a magnificent power. Another user regretted not buying this pump the first time he bought his pool. Therefore, this is a clear indication that the cartridge filter pump is one you must not ignore.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Double installed pump
  • Has a maximum pool size water capacity of 15,200 gallons
  • Replacement of cartridge every 2-week may be too frequent.


4. Blue wave NE6171B Maxi Replacement Pump for Ground above Pool

Excellent! This one was built to resist corrosion.

  • Durable polymer construction.
  • Self-priming pump
  • Dual-port discharge
  • 110 volt AC with 6-foot cord

With durable polymer construction, its goodbye to corrosion. And welcome to many years of reliable service. So, who doesn’t like a product with great durability and long life? Of course, you will agree with me that such an individual is hard to find. This product is not just awesome, it is excellent. Did you hear that it is of the same quality as Hayward, Sta-Rite, and Pentair? Yes, you heard right, it sure is. And that’s why it’s here as one of the 8 Best Above Ground Pool Pump this year. It has self-priming pump functionality. So, its clear lid helps for easy cleaning.

This pump’s dual-port design either vertical or horizontal discharge fits most filter systems. As a result, it is suitable for most pool system. And now you are free to replace your inefficient or old pump with it. This pump is so good that it has been nicknamed water moving dynamo. So, now is your chance to experience superior pool pump efficiency and performance.

Rating and what users say;

Over 60% of users of this product gave a 5-star rating. This means that most users say it’s a great product. However, when wrongly set up, or used, the result may be very disappointing. Particularly, that is the challenge faced by most unsatisfied buyers. For example, an adapter is required for Intex or Hayward pool fittings. And these may be purchased separately. So, some complaints about the lack of durability as stated. But others say after using for years, it still runs like a new pump. Wrong setup and usage is the difference.


  • It is suitable for most pool system.
  • Built to withstand corrosion
  • Very efficient and durable
  • Has a long life.
  • You may require to buy adaptors for some pool’s fittings.
  • Some feel that the pump is not rated accurately.
  • It is illegal for sale in California.


5. Blue wave NE6151B Maxi Replacement Sump Pool Pump

This is also built to resist corrosion like NE6171B

  • Durable polymer to resist corrosion
  • Self-priming pump
  • Dual-port discharge

NE6151B is very similar to NE6171B reviewed earlier. Similarly built to resist corrosion, has a dual-port discharge and both are replacement pump for above the ground. NE6151B, however, is considered a very high performance and noiseless pump. It is also efficient and self-priming. The top vertical design also fits most filters. Easy cleaning, is ensured by the clear lid. Like NE6171B, it comes with 6-foot cord 110v. It is however available in 2 sizes of 1 HP or 1.5 HP pump bullet feature. Also, NE6151B is of the same quality as Hayward Sta-Rite and Pentair.

Most users of this product say it’s quiet and wonderful. Some users are using it for both in-ground and above ground pools. It is said that the suction performs excellently well. Especially when hooked up with vacuum hose.

Rating and what users say;

Over 50% of 5-star rating shows the extent of users’ satisfaction. Users’ rating also shows that it is highly durable and noiseless.


  • It is suitable for most pool system.
  • Built to withstand corrosion
  • Very efficient and durable
  • Users believe it a good buy.
  • Has a long life.
  • It may seem underpowered.
  • Some feel that the pump is not rated accurately.
  • It is illegal for sale in California.


6. XtremePowerUS 1.5HP Swimming Pool Pump Spa

This product comes with a high-performance motor with airflow ventilation.

  • Functions with quieter noise and smoother run time
  • Has functionality that prevents the motor from running dry
  • Has maximum suction of height of 36-ft
  • CSA and UL certified.

Indeed, this product is certified to meet certain product requirements for safety standards. That’s great! Safety first. Right? And you know what? That’s not all. It is also built to be compatible with the system you already have. Also with different brands.

Do you have an in-floor or solar heating cleaning system? Then you don’t need to worry. Because this XtremepowerUS pump is built to be compatible with them. It also has an easy setup newly built pool system.

Oh yeah! They sure had you in mind while designing this pool product. So, they got you covered for your new or existing pool system.

Before you ask, you need to know that this pump is corrosion-proof and self-priming too. So it is highly durable and long-lasting. The motor is a high performing one. Its airflow ventilation, ensures quieter noise and smoother runtime experience.

The self-priming function discharges air form water intake and this helps to prevent the motor from running dry. This pump’s transfer rate is up to 4,900 gallons of liquid per hour. And its suction height is 36 ft.

Rating and what users say;

Over 60% of users, rated this product 5-star. This testifies of its great quality and performance. In fact, a user says the pump is above his expectations. Another said it a great pump. And many say that it’s worth the money.


  • Functions with quieter noise and smoother run time
  • Has functionality that prevents the motor from running dry
  • High liquid transfer rate.
  • Compatible with a new or old pool system
  • CSA and UL safety standard certification


  • There may be some guesswork to do while trying to get it to function.


7. Hayward SP180X Horsepower Above-Ground pool Pump

This pump is 100% heat resistant and has drip-proof with a double-sized seal for longer motor life. It also has a self-lubricating motor bearing and shaft seals. So, no lubrication is necessary. This pump has automatic thermal overload protection. So, no worries about thermal overload issues as well. As a result, there will be a shut off of the motor under abnormal conditions. This ensures no damage to the motor. And its good to know that the motor will automatically restart at a safer heat level.

  • Designed for long motor life.
  • High-performance impeller
  • Clear cover and drain plug
  • Exclusive Corrosion proof
  • 6-foot power cord-120v.
  • Dependable performance and quiet operation.

Who doesn’t want top-notch products? Flexibility and hybrid functionality, durability, dependable performance, and advanced functionality. These are the hallmarks of Hayward SP180X Power-Flo LX. It is suitable and can be used for both above ground and in-ground swimming pools.

What a dual functionality. It is like one stone capable of killing two birds. Sometimes, we want a versatile or multi-functional product. Although we may be buying with a particular immediate required solution in mind. But it feels like a safe haven to know that the product can do this and also do that. And that is what this pool pump has to offer. What a dual solution for a single price.


Furthermore, the required maintenance has been reduced to simple common sense procedures. Thanks to its advanced design. Of course, this pump is made of high-strength permaGlass XL material. You can see when the basket needs cleaning due to its clear cover. Similarly, its drain plug helps for easy maintenance of the pump.

It also comes with an extra-large debris basket measuring 118-cubic-inches. This extends the time between cleanings. And as a result, it keeps pool maintenance to the barest minimum. Again, it is rigidly constructed with load extender ribbing. Therefore, the free-flowing operation for heavy debris loads is ensured.

Storage and winterizing of course. It is important that the motor and pump are protected from freezing. So in this situation, shut off all-electric power. Similarly, disconnect all connections. Cords, electrical, and plumbing connections. Also, ensure that you store your pump is a dry and well-ventilated place. And do not forget to drain thoroughly and clear out any debris. This is certainly a compact pool pump and a ‘should have’ by pool owners like yourself.

Rating and what users say;

This pool pump has over 70% 5-star rating and an overall average rating of 4.4 by users. This underscores the quality and performance of this pump. One user said, his, lasted for a good 14 years and that is more than the expected. The maximum expected life of pool pumps is around 12 years for durable ones. Another user said that it is easy to set up and install. Another said, “Perfect, easy assembly, no problem”. Although some users have bad experiences with it, that is expected. And this is usually as a result of inexperience setup and usage. Obviously, over 70% 5-star rating of over 2000 users, is certainly telling a very different story. Hence we provided information on how to properly set up your pool pump. See the information below.


  • It has a self-lubricating motor bearing and shaft seals. So, no lubrication is necessary.
  • This pump is 100% heat resistant and has drip-proof with a double-sized seal for longer motor life
  • Automatic thermal overload protection that also ensures a long motor life.
  • It can be used for both above ground and in-ground pools.
  • Has a simple cleaning procedure.
  • You may need to unplug it anytime you want to clean the filter.
  • If not properly installed or used, it may only last for a short while.


How To Pick The Best Above Ground Pool Pumps

  • Price consideration: If you are limited by budget, your choice of a pool pump should be based on categories within your budget.
  • Durability and corrosion-proof: No one wants to buy a pool pump now and then. So purchasing pool pumps with a long life span is the right thing to do. Also, it must be of great importance to buy pumps that are built to withstand corrosion. And its good to know that all the above ground pool pumps we reviewed above, meet these requirements.
  • Ease of maintenance and maintenance cost: Except if outside your budget, you need to purchase pumps that are very easy to maintain like the ones we already reviewed. Also, consider those with lower maintenance costs.
  • Performance is also very vital: Underperforming pumps may not keep your pool as healthy as required. Hence the need to consider any of our above-reviewed pumps for your pool.

How To Set Up The Above Ground Pool Pump

A properly set up pool pump is very essential for the health of your pool. As we already discussed, proper maintenance of your pool ensures neatness, freshness and pool water without contamination. And pool pumps are the heart of the pool’s cleaning system. Here are 5-steps to properly set up your above ground pool pump.

Select A Location

Find a good location spot, where the pump and filter can be close and they should be very close to the skimmer. Make sure that the pump is level on the ground and lower (below) than the pool water level. This will be seen to be properly done if, it allows for steady water flow. And if it prevents air bubbles forming pipes and hoses. Using two large leveled paving stones, set the assembled pump and filter on them. To the corresponding parts of the pool, attach the pump hoses.

Find the skimmer pipe below the skimmer basket and attach one pump hose to it. Firstly, place the hose over the pipe. Then attach the second end of the pump after making a tight seal with the hose clamp. Also, ensure that you tighten the hose clamp screw at the pump end.

Next, couple the return hose. To do this, firstly, attach the return hose to the return fitting pipe on the pool. Also, ensure that you secure the clamp firmly. Connect the other end of this hose to the pool’s filter return valve. This is usually located at the top of the filter unit. Finally, ensure that a tight seal is created with the hose clamp.

Pool pump and filter connection

It’s now time to make the pool pump and filter the 2nd connection. That’s for the wastewater valve or filter’s discharge. In case your pool filter has a twinned pipe to be connected to above the ground pump, then attach the correct section to the pool pump. Also, ensure that you seal and tighten the connection. You should use a pair of water pump pliers to do that. Alternatively, join an extra piece of hose to the filter and pool pump. Then attach and secure with hose clamps at both pipe-hose junction.

Priming And Activation

For the pool pump to operate, it needs priming. It has to be filled to a designated water level. With the filtering medium, fill the filter so as to be ready for use. This could be sand, DE or by installing the cartridge. The filtering medium will depend on the filter type. Next, plug the electrical connections for the pump and filter. The pump should immediately start functioning and this should help the filter to operate too.

Inspect Hoses And Connections

Now you are done. But don’t forget to check your hoses and connections for leaks. You can tighten the hose clamp screws further after checking. You can only do this if necessary. Lastly, listen to ensure smooth silent running of both pool filter and pump. Now you are done! Go on and enjoy your pool system.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much does a pool pump cost? You may get a pool pump from as low as $150 or a little bit less. However, more expensive ones could even cost more than $700.
  • What is the best pool pump? The best pool pump is one that combines durability, safety, long life and premium functionality for refreshing pool experience. This is exactly like the ones we reviewed above.
  • How long do pull pumps last? Durable pool pump should be due for replacement between 9 and 13 years, between 8 and 12 years is also very ok.
  • How does a pool pump work? The pool pump pulls water from the swimming-pool and pushes through the filter and back to the pool through the main returns. Thus, it helps to circulate water, keep away dirt, leaves and green pool.


The pool pump is the heart of the pool system and very strategic to have a healthy refreshing pool. However, using one of the best above ground pool pumps for your pool is a necessity for running a satisfactory pool system. And to save you the stress, we have reviewed the best 7 above ground pool pump for your seamless use.